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foobar2000 plug-in in title

My foobar2000 Control foobar2000 from Firefox
Size: 33 KB
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control Firefox extension firefox addon Foobar Firefoc  
foobar2000 The full version of a very recommendable media player
Size: 3.00 MB
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mp3 play player play audio audio player media player  
Toaster for Foobar2000 Toaster for Foobar2000 is a small skinned song / track change notifier plugin for Foobar2000. Displays on screen notifications with album / CD cover art display from either an image file such as folde
Size: 33 KB
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Foobar2000 plugin Foobar2000 toaster plug-in toaster  
Portable foobar2000 Foobar2000 Media Player is a very very recommendable player. It is developed by Peter Pawlowski who is or used to work on Winamp3.
Size: 2.00 MB
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Foobar2000 Panel This panel controls the Foobar2000 media player
Size: 3 KB
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plugin Desktop Sidebar Plugin Desktop Sidebar  
foobar2000 Portable foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include full unicode support, ReplayGain support and native support for several popular audio forma
Size: -
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foobar2000 plug-in in tags

foo wmaenc A diskwriter plugin for foobar2000 that writes WMA (Windows Media Audio) files.
Size: 63 KB
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plug-in wma WMA plugin Foobar2000 plugin Foobar2000  
foo dsp fsurround The only free surround processor for Foobar 2000 which can properly decode Dolby ProLogic I/II compatible surround channels.
Size: 188 KB
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plug-in Foobar2000 MP3 Surround player MP3 Surround encoder  
foo discogs Foobar2000 plug-in that tag files using data.
Size: 392 KB
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plug-in tag tag file Foobar2000 foobar2000 component  
foo adpcm Enhances foobar2000 with support for more exotic file formats.
Size: 145 KB
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plug-in Playback Component Foobar2000 plugin Foobar2000  
foo lunar2 Plays audio files found on the original Lunar: Eternal Blue CD (RP*.PCM).
Size: 56 KB
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plug-in PCM audio transfer PCM audio eternal religion  
foo input hvl Plays Hively Tracker HVL and Abyss AHX files.
Size: 67 KB
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plug-in Playback Foobar2000 tracker files  

foobar2000 plug-in in description

foo dsp span foo dsp span is a lightweight and useful plug-in for foobar2000 that provides you with surround panning. [b]Requirements:[/b] · foobar2000
Size: 72 KB
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plug-in add-on WYSIWYG instantaneous WYSIWYG  
foo dsp skip silence So you won't need this plug-in if you use a version of foobar2000 after [b]Requirements:[/b] · foobar2000 · foo ui columns
Size: 65 KB
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plug-in Foobar2000 plugin Foobar2000 foobar2000 component  
foo lyricsdb foo lyricsdb is a lightweight and useful foobar2000 plug-in that searches, downloads and uploads plain-text lyrics. [b]Requirements:[/b] · foobar2000
Size: 46 KB
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plug-in lyrics Download Lyrics Foobar2000 search lyrics  
foo dsp vlevel foo dsp vlevel is a lightweight and useful plug-in for foobar2000 designed to amplify the quiet parts of music. [b]Requirements:[/b] · foobar2000
Size: 136 KB
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plug-in Foobar2000 amplify dynamic compressor  
foo setyear foo setyear is a lightweight and useful plug-in for foobar2000 designed to help you change the date within a single click from the context menu. [b]Requirements:[/b] · foobar2000
Size: 18 KB
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plug-in date Foobar2000 foobar2000 plug-in set date  
foo tbar foo tbar is a useful foobar2000 plug-in designed to display song information in the title bar of the current active window. [b]Requirements:[/b] · foobar2000
Size: 27 KB
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plug-in Foobar2000 animate title bar title bar animamtion